Dancers from the Tuxtepec region in typical huipiles
Dancers in a calenda
Woman from the Isthmus in fiesta dress
Catedral p27
García Vigil 105, Centro
The restaurant is open daily, EXCEPT Tuesday.
Café Central p58
Hidalgo 302, Centro

Cafetería Casa del Ángel p46
Jacobo Dalevuelta 200, Centro

Consular Agency of Canada p94
Multiplaza Brena, Pino Suárez 700, Centro

Boulenc Pan Artesano p51
New location: Porfirio Diaz 207-G, Centro
This popular French bakery has moved to a larger locale at the lower end of the block, just north of Morelos, and now shares space with Suculenta.

Azucena Zapoteca p26
New location: Macedonio Alcalá 303, Centro
The in-city branch of the eponymous restaurant at San Martin Tilcajete has relocated to the patio of the alebrije gallery Voces de Copal.

Casa del Ángel Yoga and Meditation Center p87
New location: Boulevard La Paz 105, Camino a San Felipe
(next to Comisión Federal de Electricidad)
Cel: 951-222-9678