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Vasconcelos Stadium  (map p.25)
Niños Héroes de Chapultepec, corner Vasconcelos
Oaxaca has a beloved but often beleaguered AAA baseball team, the Guerreros, whose season runs from late March to August. For less than the price of a U.S. movie ticket, you can buy a prime seat; root for the local team; laugh along with Tato, the team mascot; and ogle the Guerreritas, Oaxaca's very own cheerleaders. Check the team's website for the schedule:

Lucha Libre (Mexican Wrestling)
Arena Pepe Cisneros, Ave. Ferrocarril 110, Colónia La Primavera
Sundays at 5:30 PM every 2 weeks.   (503-2290, 169-4958
Rows 1-4: $120 General admission: $100; Children: $60
For some Mexican "theater", head to a Lucha Libre match and watch the masked wrestlers pummel, thrash, smash and toss each other about. It's constant motion and impressive theatrics - equal part entertainment and sporting event. Though the action is staged, the wrestlers go at each other for real as the audience taunts and heckles mercilessly. In spite of the many children in attendance, the epithets hurled at the wrestlers will make your ears burn if you are familiar with Mexican slang. The arena is makeshift: just a flat, cement-floored area with a tent-like roof. But the ring is raised, so anywhere you sit offers a fine view. Take a taxi. Buy tickets at the door. 

Benito Juárez Stadium, Santa María Ixcotel, Santa Lucía del Camino
General admission: 50  pesos
Whereas AAA baseball can be SLOW, Oaxaca's 2nd-Division-level futbol team plays action-packed games. Named the Alebrijes, after the colorful carvings iconic of Oaxacan folk art, the team may not be world-class, but in 2014 it did reach the finals of the Copa MX. The soccer season runs from August to March. Check the team's website for games and times. Tickets are available at the stadium.

[Note: Beginning March 2016 the team will play in a new stadium next to the Instituto Tecnológico Oaxaca on the northwest side of the city.]