Los Baúles de Juana Cata  (aka Remigio's)
Macedonio Alcalá 403 (Plaza Comercial Casa Vieja), Centro Histórico  
"Remigio's," as this shop is usually known, is my all-time favorite ethnic clothing shop and, hands down, the best source for magnificent Oaxacan huipíles and rebozos (shawls). The formal name of the store refers to the multiple trunks (baúles) in which owner Remigio Mestas stores and displays his extensive stock. Remigio works with weavers in Oaxacan villages to sustain the use of natural dyes, preserve traditional  weaving techniques, especially the use of pre-Hispanic back-strap looms, and encourage both old and new designs. He carries a huge selection of ethnic clothing, both traditional and traditionally-inspired, from all parts of the state. None of this comes cheap, but the textiles are exquisite and unique. A must visit!  Tel:501-0552

From page 70 of Oaxaca Tips