Susanne Corrigan - Tallahassee, Florida
Valerie W. - Colombus, Ohio
My girlfriend and I were given your guide by a lovely couple in our b&b, and it's been perfect for our 3 day stay. As Londoners we arrived with minimal Spanish and a copy of Lonely Planet. Thanks to you we ditched that god awful book and had a wonderful time.

Martin and Roxanne - London, England
Can't thank you enough for writing your book, it was our "bible". The restaurant section was really helpful!

We could not have survived without your wonderful guide book. The maps were fantastic.

Robin Sum - Merrillville, Indiana
This definitely is a "bible" for anyone traveling to Oaxaca.

June Nash, Professor, City University of New York, Author of Mayan Visions
Frank Reynolds, Professor, University of Chicago
Your guidebook provided us with all the tips we needed to maximize our short time in this great city, and to avoid the pitfalls that beset the best of travelers.

Judith Cooper Haden.  Author of Oaxaca: The Spirit of Mexico.

[Oaxaca Tips] is a welcome addition to the Oaxaca section of any bookstore, and so current that it is certainly the most practical!

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