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Xiguela  Ciabattas & Café $-$$
Hidalgo 202 (corner 5 de Mayo), Barrio de Jalatlaco
Mon-Sat: 8AM-8PM.  Cash only. Tel:132-9121

This small, casual café is run by the well-known food shop Xíguela: a treasure-trove of enticing food products. Given the source, it's not surprising the café serves delicious, healthy salads, sandwiches, and other light fare As the café is just across the street from the store, you can combine eating and shopping: after your breakfast or lunch, cross the street to load up your bags with Xíguela's many organic, home-style, local and imported foods, many difficult or impossible to find elsewhere in the city. Delights include jams, oils and honeys; taro chips; couscous; wild rice; amaranth flour, cookies and sweets; agave syrup; homemade yogurt, fresh vegetables - the list is endless.  http:/