Born and raised in Montreal, Carole graduated from McGill University in 1963. She then headed to California for graduate studies in anthropology at UCLA.

In 1968, Carole and her husband moved to New York, the city that became their home for the next two decades. She made her first trip to Oaxaca to begin doctoral field work in the village of San Antonino Castillo Velasco in 1969
--- the year that marks the beginning of her love affair with Oaxaca. Subsequent research trips brought her back annually. She received her Ph.D. in Anthropology in 1975. After a two-year residence in San Antonino from 1976-78, Carole returned to academia for a M.Ed. in Teaching English as a Second Language, the field she worked in for 15-plus years at New York University.

Over the years Carole and her family returned repeatedly to Oaxaca where until 1982 they continued to live in San Antonino and after 1987 in the city of Oaxaca. Another year spent in Oaxaca in 1994-5 convinced them it was time to think of a permanent move south. Since 2000, they have been residents of the city of Oaxaca.

Throughout this 45-year period, Carole has collected Oaxacan art, artesanía and huipiles; she has watched the city grow and change; she has indulged her passion for mole and mezcal, converted her whole family and innumerable friends to Oaxacaphiles, and played host to a plethora of visitors whose requests for dining, sightseeing and shopping suggestions finally led to the writing of Oaxaca Tips.

These days Carole spends her time keeping tabs on the many restaurants, shops, galleries and museums included in Oaxaca Tips, and volunteers as a docent at the Ethnobotanic Garden where she shares her passion for Oaxacan flora, leading tours in English twice weekly.

"Although anthropological research originally brought me to Oaxaca, it was the region's rich indigenous heritage, celebrated popular arts, delectable cuisine, and splendid climate that brought me back again and again."
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Flower pots for sale
Chile peppers and tamales for sale in the Benito Juarez Market